Macarena Sofia - Collective Member

A vintage camera hoarder, photographer Macarena (Maki), adores what the Flock + Gather markets bring together for her- a love of handmade art and lighthearted photo ops, but most of all its the people that are her jam. When not pressing a shutter or up to organizing shenanigans with the F&G crew, Maki's active on the SYO board with her violin playing teenager and can also be found crafting and making stuff on occasion. 

Ricki Skoretz - Collective Member

When Ricki isn't manhandling couches and chairs, she is stabbing wool to make tiny whimsical creatures. She resides in Saskatoon with her husband, daughter and dog-child. When not making she can be found with her adult girl guides troupe or homesteading.

Mike Zimmer - Collective Member

Beard, beer’d, board, brewing, brother, building/ canning, children, chickens, creating/ distilling, dehydrating, deodorant, dad / eggs, experiment, experimentuer / ferment, farmer, framing, friendly / growing, goods, getting better. Uncle Mike is everybody’s Uncle. He’s believes in natural, sustainable & local and creates all natural body care products with this in mind. It’s his job to smell good. When he’s not getting dirty on the acreage, he’s getting clean with Uncle Mike’s All natural products.

Carole Epp - Collective Member

With a background in ceramics, Carole is known for her whimsical illustrative pottery, but can also be found teaching workshops, doodling, raising childlike monsters, and building the occasional website.

Dean Bartsch - Collective Member

Dean is awesome, but also possibly allergic to writing things about himself.

Erin Pell - Administrative Staff

Erin is a coffee fueled fire loving glass artist, handmade enthusiast and mama bear to 3.